About Bierkultur

The purpose of this blog is simple. I enjoy beer.

Not in the average way a 22-year-old college student is, but in a more refined manner. I enjoy the craft of beer, the art of it. I hate the get-drunk-quick attitude of most marketing geared toward my demographic. The thought of Keystone makes me turn away. The thought of a night full of Keystone, or Budweiser, or Coors or anything that has to be ice cold to be digestible makes me turn away.

I’d much rather sit on the porch with a pint of Wychwood’s Hobgoblin or Upland’s Wheat Ale. I always drink for taste. That probably has to do with the fact of how I was introduced to the beverage.

My first beer ever was a liter of Hofbräu at Oktoberfest München with my Dad in 2009. We went to Germany the year after I graduated high school with my family. I put of school for a year and we lived in Oberfranken, a brewmaster’s paradise. The great folks there will tell you: The best beer in the world is made in Germany, the best beer in Germany is made in Bavaria, the best beer in Bavaria is made in Oberfranken, and the best beer in Oberfranken changes depending on who’s pub you’re in.

Thanks to some great friends like Werner Burr, Thorsten Parchent, Clemens Lukas and others, we learned a lot about the bierkultur. The fact that Reinheitsgebot is the oldest food law in the world and still has a huge impact on the German beer industry, the long standing traditions of German beer making and German beer drinking, and the fact that Radler is not by any means beer.

When we got back to the states, the American craft beer and homebrewing scene was really starting to crank up, and Dad and I jumped in. I always have a soft spot for a nice, traditional, Deutsches beer, but the U.S. is really cranking out some solid brews these days.

I also brew. My father and I began homebrewing in the spring of 2011, and I picked up the hobby in August when I turned 21. I won’t say my stuff is by any means stellar, but it’s better than some drinks out there, and a bottle of homebrew is always more appealing than a case of PBR. That photo up there is me with my first brew, an American Amber Ale.

So with that, welcome to Bierkultur. I’ll be reviewing beers, talking about beer culture in southern Indiana and the American midwest, and talking about my own adventures in homebrewing. All through the eyes of a college kid who likes beer, but not getting wasted. Hope you enjoy.



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