Craft beer in America’s ballparks

On a non-road trip related note, this story came across the AP wire this week about craft beer showing up in ballparks.

In the mood for a porter, with a hint of chocolate and caramel? Ask for a Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald at the Irish pub inside Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

Taste trending toward Scottish ale? Order up Erie Brewing Company’s Railbender Ale at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, one of the most beer-friendly ballparks in baseball.

Looking for something with a cloudy appearance and citrusy flavor? You can find Boulevard’s Unfiltered Wheat at stands throughout Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City.

Not to mention UCBC and Schafly at Busch Stadium. Or Sandlot Brewery in Coors Stadium (albeit a MillerCoors production under the Blue Moon Brewing Company visage, they’re producing more small-batch “craft” beer in the stadium.)

What’s on tap at your local ballpark?


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